Our Editorial Process

Our editorial team is committed to creating content that is reliable and high-quality. The information found on CBDCentral.com will always be comprehensive, based on research and reliable sources, timely, and unbiased. We want you to leave our site confident in your ability to make informed decisions along your wellness journey.

As content is created, it is reviewed by multiple professionals and modified until each team member is comfortable with the information presented within it, both factually and aesthetically. If there are multiple conclusions or conflicting information on a given subject, we do our best to present all possible angles.

The CBDC Content Process


We field content ideas from our team, our readers, and our own real-life experiences.


Our professional research teams conduct and compile research using case studies, legal resources, and verified medical studies.


Completed research is passed to one of our experienced writers who crafts a well-sourced, easy to understand article.


Drafted content is shared with the team. We review it, fact-check it rigorously, and discuss to ensure a consensus that it accurately represents all currently available facts.


Any proposed edits are made to a piece of content before it’s added to our website or shared on any social channels.


Content is updated on a revolving, regular schedule as available information changes.


For information to be trustworthy, it must be backed by facts. While research is ongoing in the world of CBD, information based on early and current studies is available. When sourcing content, we rely on published medical research studies, government (.gov) and university (.edu) sites to the best of our ability. This prevents biased and/or opinion-based information from finding its way into our content.

Resources are available through links found throughout our content and footnotes. We welcome any questions from readers about where a specific piece of information came from; we are happy to provide answers. – Maybe add an image/gif that depicts how it works/what to look for.


The world of CBD is changing rapidly. We’ve watched several states loosen restrictions on CBD and cannabis in general, where others tightened their regulations – all while the federal government lifted restrictions on hemp farming and sales.

We do our best to pay attention to these changing restrictions, as well as to new studies and information and update our content accordingly. The date a piece has most recently been modified can be found on each page.


Some visitors to CBD Central are looking for general, wellness-based information. Others are desperate for answers regarding serious clinical diagnoses. It is our goal to serve each group and all those in between by sticking to the standards listed above, and by doing our best to put ourselves in your shoes.

Finding information about a potential health and wellness tool should not be cryptic, confusing or frustrating. By focusing on your needs, questions, and concerns, we hope to remove these negative emotions from your personal learning process and health journey.

We strive for clarity, for a conversational tone, and for approachability at all times.


We don’t say that lightly. We want to hear your feedback, your personal CBD stories, and about any information you’re having trouble finding.

If at any point you are confused about the content on our site, have a suggestion, would like to learn more about a specific topic, or would like to share your story, please visit our contact page and reach out.

We are here for you!